Flower power! How to make your home blooming marvellous during lockdown.

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During the lockdown process and a slower pace of life, many of us have taken time to notice the natural beauty all around us once more. With a new found DIY approach to our previous treats and indulgences, we spoke to award winning Victoria Makepeace from Simply Stunning Flowers who shares some ideas on how to create a gorgeous arrangement from the garden to admire in your home.


Inevitably we're all spending a lot more time at home during lockdown and regardless of how much outdoor space we have, we can all bring the outside in. You don't have to have green fingers to fill your home with breath-taking blooms and fabulous fragrances. If you actually make time to stop and look around, you'll see the best nature has to offer is all around us at this time of year. 


For example, I took these cuttings whilst walking the dog very early one morning along a public footpath. The green/white flower is known as Queen Anne’s Lace and grows freely everywhere and it’s commonly mistaken for a weed! 


As I turned the next corner, nearing the woods, there were beautiful wild poppies and purple allium all bopping about in the breeze. But the bloom that caught my eye growing amongst the brambles was this beautiful pink garden rose - j​ust one blooming beautiful pink cluster of petals. Rather than leave it for the next person to brush past and trample over, I gave it a little snip and brought it home with my other foraged delights.


I am also growing some garden roses of my own at home at the moment which have suddenly 'popped'. They are quite top heavy, so I took some extra cuttings from here. I found a nice clean mason jar in my workshop (these are readily available to buy but you may find you have them at home tucked away - always makes sure they are clean to prevent bacteria), filled it with water and a drop of lemonade (my nanny's tip from school!) and here we are.... something so simple, but so special.








Victoria Makepeace

Simply Stunning Flowers


Simply Stunning Flowers

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