Bring me sunshine! The Importance of SPF by Nina Bee

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There's no denying how spending time in the sunshine lifts the spirits, with people spending more time at home and lockdown rules starting to relax,  you may be enjoying longer periods outside. With the promise of summer and us Brits being lovers of the great outdoors, we spoke to leading skin care specialist and owner of Restorative Skincare Clinic in Loughton Essex, Nina Bee for her advice on looking after your skin.



Desperate to top up your vitamin D after the long winter months and feeling the need to bask in the sun? Me too! Who doesn't enjoy the warmth of the sun on our face and body, with the added benefit of that coveted bronzed, healthy glow? But the truth is, protecting your skin against harmful UV and UVB rays has to be a year-round commitment.


Aside from potentially causing skin cancer, the ravages wrought by the sun's UV rays degrade collagen in skin which causes unnecessary wrinkles (eek!) as well as an overproduction of melanin (our skin’s pigmentation) creating discolouration flaws and age spots.

There are two types of UV radiation that can affect your skin. The longer UVA rays penetrate deep into the dermis, resulting in premature ageing, and the shorter UVB rays can lead to sunburn and superficial damage to the epidermis (the surface of the skin) with excessive exposure. It's best to avoid the midday sun when it's at it's strongest .

There are no age restrictions to protect your skin... If you have children, give them the precious gift of youthful skin that lasts a lifetime by using SPF (sun protection factor). It is without a doubt the best anti-ageing product for all your family.  

However, please choose your products wisely! The SPF you use for your body should be different to the SPF you use on your face. To prevent blocked pores and breakouts, use specially formulated SPF 30 non-comedogenic protection, particularly for sensitive skin. Any SPF over 30 is made up of chemicals, so factor 30 is plenty.  

For children's faces, I recommend SkinMed Sunwards for sensitive skin. For adults, my recommendation is DermaQuest Sheerzinc. Both are excellent, top quality products. 

For the body, ensure you choose a factor 30 that has UV and UVB protection - preferably oil-free. We all know that oil makes things crispy - not what we want for our skin! 

My best advice is to sunbathe sensibly - take regular breaks, keep hydrated and always use a lotion containing SPF.

Nina Bee  

Restorative Skincare Clinic



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